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Hi8us Midlands is a Media and arts charity producing innovative media with young people in their communities. Since 1994, we have provided young people across the UK with the opportunity to gain first hand media production experience and to collaborate with media professionals to ensure that their own stories and experiences reach the mainstream media. Hi8us is now firmly established as the UK’s leading practitioner in the field of collaborative professional media with young people. In the words of one of our producers from UK Sound TV, a youth-run East London broadband channel: “It is basically for youth by youth. For us by us. We are involved on every level in making it happen.” This kind of grass roots involvement is typical of the work we aim to promote.



  • Reaching young people at risk of social exclusion and enabling them to articulate their experiences and tell their own stories;
  • Enabling young people to employ their talents to create media and to, in turn, use this experience as a catalyst for change in their own lives and in their communities;
  • Creating groundbreaking television, film and new media through a unique collaboration between professional filmmakers, web-designers and nonprofessional participants.



Hi8us works on a national level, with regional production offices based in London and Birmingham. Our work is bound together by a common ethos based on the production of ground breaking film, television and media; the collaboration between experienced film and media makers, young people and their communities; and the belief in using media as a catalyst for changing lives. We focus our activities in five main areas:

Developing community-based media projects, which reflect the concerns and aspirations of local people, empowering them to express their experiences and opinions.

Education / Learning
Education and interactive projects, many of which are designed as e-learning tools, transferring soft and hard skills.

TV & Film Production
Production of films, documentary, drama and music video, which represent Europe’s increasingly diverse population.

Delivery of training and support using a range of methods such as specifically tailored business support schemes.

Policy & Research
Accumulation of knowledge in the field of participatory media with the aim of influencing policy makers.


Alan Fountain
spacer Chair
Lynne Connolly 
Board member
Gaylene Gould Board member
Gill Henderson Board member




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Tuesday, 06 April 2010 00:00
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Tuesday, 06 April 2010 00:00
kahani_icon Kahani shortlisted for Birmingham Black International Film Festival Award
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Tuesday, 06 April 2010 00:00
olympic logo Cultural Olympiad Film Workshops: Hi8us Midlands to help young people create short films to be shown at the London 2012 Olympic/Paralympic Games.
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